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If you’re interested in gay culture and activities in Quito, you’ve come to the right place!
We are active members of the local gay community, and can offer you the following experiences:

·         We can take you to the gay bars and nightclubs in Quito  and advise you on a range of issues from the styles of music and the kind of atmosphere they offer to personal security when you’re out and about at night.

·         Do you like theater? There is a drag queen theater group in Quito with different kinds of shows from the purely musical to the more theatrical. Let us take you to one of their shows. You will love it!

·         At different times of the year, it is possible to attend and participate in gay events like the gay film festival, literary workshops focused on gay literature, the  gay pride parade, etc. We actively participate in these events and would love to get you involved, if you wish! We can even introduce you to gay authors, directors, etc.

·         Restaurants are another part of the gay culture in Quito. We can take you to an upscale, reasonably-priced, gay-friendly restaurant which offers gourmet Belgian-Ecuadorian fusion cuisine. If you prefer lighter fare, there’s also a nice gay (not just gay-friendly) restaurant that offers drinks and light snacks.

·         When you’re looking for relaxation or a great massage, we can take you to the local saunas and also advise you on safety and security.

·         On the more spiritual side, we can take you to a gay-friendly church which offers Sunday services in English, German, and Spanish.

·         At the same church, we lead weekly LGBT spiritual discussion groups. Come join us, and meet friendly LGBT folks from all walks of life. The discussions are in Spanish, but if you don’t speak the language and just want to be present and to make new friends, no problem: At the end of every group meeting, we hold a warm and friendly coffee hour where a lot of the members like to practice their English with visitors from abroad.

·         If you’re dealing with an addiction to sex, drugs, alcohol, or love, we also offer 12-step programs within the same gay-friendly environment. Some groups are in English, some in Spanish—ask us for details.

Skype: paiscanela

Phone: (+593) 2 6042845

Cell: 0986 588 404 / 0998 423 402 / 099 688 4800
To dial from outside Ecuador, replace the initial 0 with + 593which is the country code for Ecuador.
Example: + 593 986 588 404

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Would you like to learn everyday Spanish while vacationing in Quito and learning about local customs and cuisine? I have years of experience working 1:1 with tourists who seek more than the casual tour experience, and I love my work and do it with a passion. I’ll make sure you improve your Spanish and have a fantastic experience in Ecuador. And I charge less than any Spanish language school that offers individual classes! Please don’t hesitate to contact me for details. Let’s work together and put together an interesting program that works for you.

Travel Agent & Tour Guide
Skype: paiscanela

Phone: (+593) 2 6042845
Cell: 0986 588 404 / 0998 423 402 / 099 688 4800

To dial from outside Ecuador, replace the initial 0 with + 593which is the country code for Ecuador.
Example: + 593 986 588 404


Since 07:00 up to 19:00 - $ 35
Since 19:00 up to 07:00 - $ 45

Main places of the old town.
Since 10:00 up to 17:00
1 person - $ 40
2 persons - $ 60
Per each additional Person + $ 10
Private Transportation: $ 20 ( Guapulo, Panecillo, La Basílica)
Complete tour to the Middle of The World
Including Pululahua Volcano and Intiñan.
Since 10:00 up to 17:00
1 person - $ 40
2 persons - $ 60
Per each person more + $ 10 (each one)
Private Transportation: $ 25 One Way - $ 45 Round Trip
If you don’t want private transportation, tour starts at 09:00
1 Person $ 80
2 Persons $ 100
Per each additional person + $ 20
1 Person $ 100
2 Person $ 120
Per each additional person + $ 20
Fares don’t include meals, transport and lodge if is required.
· If you required private transportation outside Quito,
we will send you the fares according the places that you want to visit.
Travel Agent & Tour Guide
Phone: (593) 986-588-404
Land Line: 604 28 45
Skype: paiscanela

·        Please these data is only for tourist, not for personal contacts neither to give you free information about gay places or where to go in Quito or  Ecuador. If you need this kind of information, please search on internet. If you want to know Quito or  Ecuador with a specialized tour guide, for me will be a pleasure to know you.


We offer you a personalized service making  the transfer from the Mariscal Sucre Airport in Tababela to your hotel in Quito or from Quito to the airport.

Fares for one or two passangers:
Since 7:00 up to 19:00 - $ 35
Since: 19:00 up to 07:00 - $ 45

If you are more than 3 , we have special prices , and you can travel very confortable in our Van.

Please tell us the the time or your arrival , and we will be there.

Phones: (593) 986 588 404 / 998 423 402
Land Line: 604 28 45
Skype: paiscanela

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Francisco Guayasamin, my tour guide, and I visited the center or middle of the earth with the equatorial line. Water on one side of the line flowed clockwise and on the other side counterclockwise, just a few inches apart. When you walk along with line with outstretched arms and closed eyes, you can feel the two opposing centrifugal forces in each hand try to pull you in one of the Hemispheres. Your shadow is almost underneath you, and twice a year, for 3 minutes at noon, there are no shadows in that spot.

Then we visited a volcano in which indigenous people live on the land within the crater in a closed community with no electricity or IT. They live completely off the land and have few health problems. They ride donkeys and horses to transport their produce to market. The energy was incredible in both places.

And I found out  that your face will turn red even with 45SPF sunscreen and a hat. I asked Francisco to speak in Spanish except when I did not understand something. He explained it in English then we switched to Spanish. He is very knowledgeable about the multi cultural heritage that is Ecuador. We visited an archeological museum and an outdoor musuem that had huts and small cabins unique to the different indigenous peoples in various parts of the country. Ecuador is a mix of indigenous, African, Spanish, French, and other Central and South American countries. So there is a beautiful tapestry of facial structures and bodies types. Unfortunately Ecuador has not been immune to the influences of white people, so the same discrimination and systems of oppresion are present here.
Here in Quito, the altitude had me huffing and puffing when I took a walk in the morning. However the middle of the world was at a lower altitude so I could breathe with ease.

The cafe con leche here is incredible with not a trace of bitterness or acid. There is a subtle sweetness to the flavor. The same is true for the natural spring water.


Complete tour to the Middle of The World
Including Pululahua Volcano and Intiñan.

Since 10:00 up to 17:00
1 person - $ 40
2 persons - $ 60
Per each person more + $ 10 (each one)

Private Transportation: $ 25 One Way - $ 45 Round Trip
If you don’t want private transportation, tour starts at 09:00
Skype: paiscanela
Phones: (593) 986 588 404
Movi: 0998 423 402
Land Line: 604 28 45 ( Quito)

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QUITO - ECUADOR... The Most Beautiful City In South America.

For the fifth year in a row, International Living has chosen Ecuador as the #1 retirement destination in the world. And for good reason.

But when North Americans come to Ecuador, they often bypass the capital city in favor of other destinations. Why? Beats us. Because in our estimation, Quito is one of the most beautiful cities in South America...

Why do we love Quito,  Ecuador ? The sweet-natured people... the extraordinary weather... the gorgeous scenery... the great restaurants, shopping, the first-class infrastructure and services... and, of course, the affordability...

It's a city where you can still take a taxi anywhere in town for $1 to $5 and find a menu del dia... usually a four-course meal of soup, salad, meat/rice/vegetables, dessert and beverage... for $1.50 to $2.50. Yes, there are gourmet restaurants where you can spend more but compared to back home, it's a bargain extraordinaire...

Today's Quito is a world-class metropolis with happy surprises tucked in so many corners. You wouldn't know that, of course, if you've only flown in and out of its international airport. If your only experience of Quito is spending time stalled in traffic on your way out of the city, your opinion may not be high. But spend even a few days getting to know her and we think you'll agree that Quito is a very special place.

Often called the "most beautiful big city in South America" for its location in the palm of a valley cupped between towering Andean peaks, Quito has so many parks and plazas, it's hard to pick a favorite.

The 14,000-acre Parque Metropolitano, bordering the city's Bellavista neighborhood, is the largest urban park in South America. (For comparison, New York's Central Park is just 834 acres.) Hiking here, in the maze of forested paths, is a nature lover's delight--the air smells of eucalyptus and pine, and from atop the eastern ridge, the views of Quito to the west, and to the east, the valley and volcanoes beyond is something you'll not soon forget.

On a clear summer day in Quito, in fact, you'll see the snow-topped Antisana, Cotopaxi and Cayambe volcanoes looming over the city. (That's the way it appears, but they're actually some distance away.)
Of course, when we use the word "summer" it means something different here than it does back home. In Ecuador there are only two seasons: summer--or the dry season--and winter, our rainy season. It's hard to decide which we like best...the crisp, sunny days of summer or the cool, fog-enshrouded evenings of "winter." In either case, average temperatures hover around 75 degrees during the day and 45 or so at night...every day.

If you only have one day in Quito, spend it in Old Town, the first-ever locale in the world to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Covering more than 800 acres, this is the largest historic center in the Americas, with an over-abundance of ancient thick-walled, tile-roofed colonial buildings, churches, museums, and more. We never get tired of exploring the gold-gilded La Compañia de Jesus Church and the neo-gothic Basilica del Voto Nacional adorned with animals native to Ecuador instead of gargoyles. We dare you to climb to the top of its bell tower...
Art lovers, go directly to the Bellavista neighborhood to the former home of famous Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín and one of the city's most impressive art museums, the Capilla del Hombre, dedicated to the indigenous and exploited people of Latin America. Maybe it's voyeuristic, but we always love snooping around in an artist's studio and this one doesn't disappoint. The museum itself, with its large-format murals, is hauntingly impressive.

Shoppers will love La Mariscal, also called "Gringolandia" because of the hordes of tourists and backpacker hotels here. Plaza Quinde, at the intersection of Calles Reina Victoria and Foch, is our favorite place to settle in with a cocktail at an outdoor cafe and do some serious people watching. This is also the place to satisfy your shopping lust. Take a few bucks (that's all you'll need) and poke into the handicraft shops lining Avenida Amazonas or head for the large artisan mercado at the corner of Reina Victoria and Jorge Washington Streets. You'll find carved items, ponchos, sweaters, scarves, rugs, ceramics, gourds, textiles of all kinds, and my weakness...artisan chocolate.

We could go on and on... If you take away one thing from this, let it be: Quito isn't a place to pass through enroute to somewhere else. It's a fabulous, grows-on-you destination and well worth your time to discover its many Old- and New-World charms.


Travel Agent & Tour Guide in Ecuador
Skype: francisco_guayasamin
Phone: (593) 986 588 404

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Pic: Hugh Sitton

Ecuador has undergone a remarkable transformation in the last few years. On 10th August 1998 the constitution of Ecuador was reformed to "recognise the equality of all before the law without discrimination against age, sex, ethnic orgin, colour, religion, political affiliation, economic position, sexual orientation, state of health, incapacity, or difference of any kind." These rights are possibly the most enlightened in South America and may be the envy of some of the more economically advanced countries in the world.

Nevertheless four years is a relatively short time to change attitudes. Prior to this Ecuadorians could be arrested for offences against public morals on any pretext like, for example, just being present in a gay bar. So, although Quito has become a little more liberal in the last few years bear in mind that Ecuador generally still has a macho and conservative culture. Homosexuality continues to be viewed negatively so adjust your behaviour accordingly and keep a low profile in public. Acceptance will only be achieved slowly and by not provoking reactionary elements.

Regrettably some some authorities and police in Ecuador haven't yet got the message. On 2nd April 2002 Amnesty International issued a reportentitled " " Pride and Prejudice: Time to break the vicious circle of impunity for abuses against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people in which are documented cases of homophobic harassment, torture and ill-treatment against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) people, in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil.

All night life in Quito has suffered a serious set-back since August 2001. By decree of the mayor all bars must close at 22h00 Monday-Thursday and 24h00 Friday-Saturday, and discos must close at 24h00 Monday-Thursday and 01h00 Friday-Saturday. Business owners are dismayed by this decree and hope to persuade the authorities to revert to the former regulations. Some business owners are now ignoring these hours but if you are caught in a police raid you must have your passport or cedula.

The gay scene is relatively quiet from Sunday to Thursday but Friday and Saturday are the nights when everything takes off (or cums off!).

Most of the gay places are in or near the districts of Mariscal and Colon in Quito new town. However these areas are definitely not safe at night so take a taxi every time. The doormen at the gay places are very helpful so take their advice.

The gay scene in Quito is free of dress-code, uniforms, and clones; dress for all occasions and places is casual light-weight summer wear (although you will need a light sweater or casual jacket in the cool evenings). There is no age-ism. There is also a lack of attitude. You will find Quiteños very friendly, interested in foreigners (gringos), and a fair proportion speak some English. It does help to be able to speak some Spanish, but not speaking Spanish isn't a bar to having a good time. Do I have to tell you where the best language classroom is?

Ian Wilcock

Francisco Guayasamin
Ecuador Gay Tour Guide

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Small gay-owned boutique hotel located in a former colonial house. Your affordable and luxurious starting point for visiting the treasures of enchanting Ecuador. Situated in the heart of Quito, this Boutique is a small oasis of comfort, peace and tranquility. It is a delightful mix of European tradition and contemporary trend. Our team welcomes you in an authentic colonial house with newly decorated guest rooms.


Our Hotel has brand new guest rooms, designed with taste and dedicated to a peaceful and comfortable stay. Our excellent beds with orthopedic mattresses and pillows with anti-mites treatment, guarantee a good night’s rest. All rooms have a private bathroom and meet to European standards.

Room facilities: Superior rooms, gorgeous design, orthopedic mattresses, anti-mites treatment, private bathroom with shower, WC and hairdryer, flat screen cable TV, free wireless internet, telephone, safety deposit box, delightful breakfast included, bottled water, 24 hour reception.

SUITE $ 135

Taxes and continental breakfast are included. All the hotel has Wi fi.

Taxes and continental breakfast are included. All the hotel has Wi fi.

eservations: Phone: (593) 986 588 404 / 998 423 402
Skype: paiscanela



For tourist that are visiting the cultural patrimony of the World We are a family hotel with thirty-five years experience of hotels, based on a philosophy of service and cleanliness, where the guest is our guest of honor.

We have 18 rooms comfortably equipped for your comfort, cable TV, direct dial telephone.

Additionally the hotel has the cafeteria services, laundry, free internet cafe, safety box, storage for luggage, parking, wireless internet service Wi-Fi.

We are located in the best area north of the city, close to everything, is concentrated around the hotel the tourist, financial, commercial and banking.

The Hotel is located in a quiet and safe street, surrounded by the main avenues.

ares: $ 42 per single room. / $ 55 per double room. / $ 70 per triple room.
Taxes and american breakfast are included.


Phone: (593) 986-588-404 / 998-423-402
Skype: paiscanela
Quito - Ecuador

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GLBT People usually go to bars and clubs on Friday and Saturday night over 23:00
By city ordinancebars and clubs close at 02:00.

Dionisios is a very good  alternative if you love art and theater.
Most of them are young people; the average age is around 25 years. Most gays that used to go to these clubs are affeminate.
Mature men who like young guys are the most that like haunting in this environment.

If you are foreigner or just to these places for having fun, as a recommendation: don’t accept drinks from any strangers.

Most people are friendly, but there are also people who want to take advantage of tourists or mature gay men. Nowadaysmany young gays falsely believe thatmature gay men necessarily have to give money to them and always are looking for economical help. Don’t give your credit card to anyone.

Most bars and clubs in Quito arelocated in the district of "La Mariscal", because it’s a touristic area. At night the streets become extremely dangerous. It is preferable that you lwaystake a taxi at night and dawn. Many thieves are often located just off of the gay bars especially to steal to gay that are inebriated.

If you suffer of asthma or respiratory problems, none of the gay clubs in Quito have ventilationor air conditioning.

Talking about economicalclasses, most Ecuadorians belong to the middle and lower class. Only 5% of the population belongs to the upper middle classes. Probably you will find lots of gays who pretend to belong to the high class. Is only to show off what they don’t have.

Gay and bisexual men who belong to upper middle class rarely frequent thesesites but some sites are promoted as “Exclusive”. Usually these sites don’t last longer because gay men just love to experiment.

In most of the gays bars, when people is over drunk, they start to have unprotected sex usually inside the baths. Sometimes Quito, is like San Francisco CA at the 80’. Gays are believing that freedom is have sex with anybody, lots of alcohol, drugs, poppers. They don’t care about Sexual Transmission diseases, because they think that the government pays everything. For them is their rigtht to ask for free medicine and medical atention when they are sick.

The music that you are going to find inside the discos, mostly techno and regeton.

If you wish a  tour for GLBT Places like bars, discos and saunas., you can call to 0986588404